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Learn How To Clip Nails Safely


You hear the “tap, tap, tap” as your dog walks across the hard floor in your home… You haven’t been able to schedule an appointment with your groomer due to the pandemic, and long nails can be painful for your pet.  Let us show you how to trim safely!

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A Short Educational Course On…

How To Trim Nails


We are currently dealing with a pandemic which means that some businesses have been labeled “essential” or “non-essential” and therefore allowed to operate under specificed guidelines or close temporarily.

While pet grooming hasn’t been deemed “essential” from the powers that be… you are likely thinking it IS essential so that your pet can stay clean and healthy.  Part of essential grooming is trimming a pet’s nails.  While some pets will naturally wear their nails down, others need to have them trimmed frequently.  When nails are too long, they can often cause pain in your pet when they walk.

What You Will Learn

We are currently offering an educational video course to teach you:

 how often you should trim their nails

 reasons why to make sure they stay trimmed

 how to practice trimming before actual clipping

 the tools needed: Trimmers, File, Dremmel and Kwik Stop

 how to safely and effectively trim your dogs nails

what to do if you trim too much and cut the kwik

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